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Granite Countertops for Fairfield, Milford, Shelton, Wallingford, Westport, CT & Beyond

When choosing new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, practicality should be an important factor in your choice. For many homeowners, granite countertops stand out as the most practical choice they could make for a kitchen or bathroom. Granite countertops are practical because they are strong and durable. Granite has a reputation as one of the strongest natural stones available. This results in granite countertops being the best choice for those who want durable, long-lasting countertops that look great.


Granite countertops can stand up to stains and scratches. It also maintains a sharp color that won’t fade. For beautiful, long-lasting countertops, go with stylish granite countertops from Eastern Marble & Granite.

Benefits of Granite Countertops


  • Durability: Since granite is strong and durable, it can be expected to stand up to wear and tear and last for a long time. Granite is heat resistant and can also hold its own against chipping and scratching.


  • Little Maintenance: Since granite countertops are so durable, they usually require little maintenance. In the event that these countertops do get scratched or chipped, they can be repaired and sealed easily.


  • Variety of Colors: Granite is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize the look you want for your kitchen or bathroom.


  • Sustainability: Granite is a natural material, which means it is more sustainable than other materials that are used to make countertops.

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